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vendredi 9 juillet 2010

planetyahoo is moving...

planetyahoo is moving to a new server and also to a new software. As usual you should observe no disturbance but in case, don't hesitate to contact webmaster AT


vendredi 17 juillet 2009

Feeds update on Planet Yahoo!

With the recent closing of Yahoo! 360, some feeds dissapeared, others moved, and some new ones were added. I also plan some updates on Planet Yahoo! in the coming weeks.

vendredi 1 mai 2009

Planet Yahoo! back online

Sometimes you really understands how great some service is the day when it suddently disappears out of the webspace! That's what happened when Carlo Zottman decided to shutdown Planet Yahoo!. So for my own sake, I chose to ressurect Planet Yahoo! and put it back online, but of course anyone else is also free to use and enjoy it.

So welcome or welcome back to Planet Yahoo!